Best Matcha Tea

Best Matcha Tea

Matcha is a special type of powdered green tea from Japan. Now a days Matcha is getting more and more popular every where around the world. We can find Tea, coffee, cakes, cookies, soups and pastries prepared from Matcha powder. Unlike most Tea powder which are infused into water, Matcha powder is mixed directly into it, because of this process matcha tea is incredibly unique in the world and it has a powerful flavor and plenty of health benefits.

Today we will take a deep dive into brief history of Matcha, how it is made and how it has been used in Japan over the last 800 years. 

Matcha is spelled in 3 ways.

  • Matcha
  • Macha
  • Maccha

Although the correct word is Matcha, it is used interchangeably by people as per there convenience. But are ultimately mentioning the same thing. 

Japanese monks who often traveled to China to gain internal knowledge and insights. While returning they often brought Tea along with them. This Tea was used by the monks to enhance their concentration while mediating. This is similar to what we do now days, we consume coffee, tea which contains caffeine  that keep us energized through long period of study and concentration. 

Unlike coffee tea also contains an amino acid called  L-theanine, which induces a more calming effect on the brain and it result in a calm alert feeling, This state of mind is  perfect for meditation in fact drinking tea can boost the alpha brain wave activity. This same brain wave stimulated during meditation can lead to creativity relaxation and reflection.

in 1191 a monk brought Tea from China and planted them in temple in Japan and there after Japanese monks began cultivating tea. Later they came to know about its medicinal qualities and  Matcha gained popularity. Monks started using as a way to improve their concentration and upper classes used it to showcase their status by hosting  Tea ceremonies.  Tea ceremonies were simply an excuse for the wealthy to showcase their rare tea and utensils collection.

In order to protect Tea plant from cold weather,  farmers started covering them, but later they found that covering them actually improves the flavor and color of the tea. We now know that this is because when the tea plant is cut off from sunlight it produces more chlorophyll, which is responsible for that sweet and savory flavor the Japanese green tea are well known for.

After the tea plants are shaded the farmers selected only the top leaves. Top leaves and buds of the tea plant are the youngest and therefore contained the highest concentration of nutrients the older more mature tea leaves are thicker and slightly more bitter.  

Covering plants boosts the production of chlorophyll and amino acids in the plant, which in turn increase the nutrition of Matcha. The rich green color of Matcha we see is due to the extra chlorophyll production. Leaves stems and veins are removed from them leaves and are grinded in to fine powder after harvesting this is how we get Matcha.

This careful sheeting and selection of the tea leaves is what separates high quality from low quality,  High quality matcha has a beautiful jade green color a smooth flavor and is loaded with nutrients the low quality Matcha has a more unappealing color a more bitter flavor. This low quality matchas are often used in desserts all around the world. 

Matcha is slightly bitter in taste and many people have love and hate relationships at first. Origin of Matcha and green tea is from the same plant but both have different nutrients, few people also argue that Macha is better than green Tea.

Matcha is high in natural antioxidants, according to several studies it was found that Matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than any other green tea what you would find all around world.
Matcha helps in fighting the free radicals in our body, free radicals produced when we are exposed to sun rays , Pollution and hazards chemicals. Anti oxidants in Matcha help to tackle this free radicals in our body which are causes of weak immune system and premature aging.

Matcha also give beautiful glowing skin by increasing your blood circulation in the skin.

It is also observed that regular consumption of Matcha protects your liver, it has a positive impact on your liver and your kidneys. some studies have found that drinking these beverage can reduce the damage caused to liver and improve functioning of your body.

Yes, it helps to sharpen your memory. Studies suggest that people who consumed Matcha had increased attention and fast in reacting. Large amount of caffeine in matcha helps in increasing concentration and don’t have energy dip.

Some studies also show that including Matcha in your daily diet improves your health by reducing amount of bad cholesterol in your body. which in turn helps to improve hearts functions. Some studies have also shows that green tea intake reduces risk of stroke.

Maccha helps to lose weight and to reduce your waistline, drinking Green tea is one of the great ways to burn fat. Matcha improves metabolism of your body consuming Maacha along with moderate exercise help to burn fats about 17% faster.


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