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HR3705/10 BEATER Review

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Bottom line

Best Branded.

High-Quality Branded Product.  Great reviews in all market places. does Kneading, mixing, Beating and whisking with Great efficiency. 

Key Features

  • 300 WATTS.
  • Pair of beater & dough hook.
  • 1.2 meter cord length.
  • 5 speed + turbo option.
  • Weight 1.08 kg.


  • Branded Product.
  • Less Noisy.
  • High performing Motor
  • Accessories detach with press of  button.
  • Easy to Clean.


  • Bit heavy on hand if used for long time.


Hand Blender & Mixer Review

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Bottom Line

Unique Featured.

Best light weight beater by known brand.  Multiple speed settings is added advantage. easy to use and clean.

Key Features

  • 250 Watt Motor
  • Pair of beater & dough hook.
  • 1 meter cord length.
  • 7 speed Options.
  • Weight 0.61 kg.


  • Easy to hold.
  • Light Weight.
  • Multi speed settings.


  • Power cord Short.
  • Plastic quality could have been better.


Hand Mixer & Beater Review

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Best on Budget

Searching for Beater under  1000/- then this is great choice. Light weight  and all features of high end beater.

Key Features

  • 260 Watts Motor.
  • Pair of beater & dough hook.
  • 7 speed options.
  • Weight 0.8 kg


  • Budget friendly
  • Compact & Portable
  • Easy to use.
  • Light Weight


  • Motor less then 300 Watts. 


Smart Mix Beater Review

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Bottom Line

High Quality Branded.

Borosil Beater is good Quality product. Bit heavy but powerful. Good customer support worth buying.

Key Features

  • 300 Watt Motor. 
  • Pair of beater & dough hooks.
  • 5 speed Options.
  • Weight 1.1 Kg.


  • Easy to Clean with Single Button accessories eject.
  • Noise Less.
  • No heating Problem.


  • Turbo Button placing could have been better, gets pressed by mistake sometime.


HM620L Hand Beater Review

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Bottom Line

Worth Considering

This beater comes with base, which is good feature which reduce chances for falling from kitchen tops while using. compact and Unique design.

Key Features

  • 300 Watt Motor
  • Pair of beater & dough hooks.
  • 5 speed options.
  • Weight 1.2 Kg.


  • Unique Design
  • Comes with base to stand upright.
  • Attachment to store all accessories.


  • Power cord short of length may require extension Board.


Are you the one who love to make delicious cakes and tired of Whipping cream and beating eggs with your hands manually than Electric Beater is the way to go. 

Electric Beater is a flexible tool that can help you to perform variety of kitchen tasks quickly. Electric Beater or Blender comes with attachments for whipping and kneading which can be used for  mixing, whipping cream or whisking eggs.

While purchasing electric beater or hand blender you should consider following key factors that will help you to take right decisions as per your requirement. 

Our  Best Electric Beater Buying Guide,  FAQ’s and Expert Tips will help you to in this decision making process. So, let’s dive in.

Things to know before buying Electric Beater ?

Choosing the best can be a tedious task when you have to choose from multiple similar options. 

We have listed below few points to considered while choosing best electric beater or hand blender.


Many of us ignore this but this is one of the important factors to consider as you use Electric Beaters holding it in your hand and if it is too heavy the task becomes cumbersome. So choose the one with right weight you can hold. lighter is better

Corded / Cordless

Cordless can be easy to use without wires tangling around but comes with cost and has some limitations. 

So personally we suggest to go with Corded models, as it also has more power to perform task than the battery operated models.

Beater Base

You might have never thought of this as factor, but it is one of the critical factors. Models with good base make them stable when kept on Kitchen Tops. Models with unwanted curves has high possibility of slipping from tops leading to damage of body parts.


This is heart of Electric Beater. Higher the Motor Capacity better the performance. Blenders Motors mostly range from 150 Watts to 700 Watts.  but models with around 300 watts are good for regular use. 


Majority of them come with 2 attachments 1 for whisking and another for kneading. Few other models have extra attachments, but more attachments higher the cost. So choose things wisely. 

Speed Control

 Having multiple speed options make your cooking journey seamless. Different task might need different speed, so having multiple speed option is always good to have feature and gives you more control in your hands.


Last but not least, Cleaning is a challenging task after you use appliance. Best blenders are those who have removable blades which make them easy to clean and store for later use.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Term Best may differ from person to person based upon individual needs, but in general Philips Beaters can be considered one of  the Best selling Beaters in market. So without much thought you can go with this one.

Cost may very based on Brand, Models & Motor Watt. Approx rates as follows.

  • 150 – 200 Watts = Rs 400-700.
  • 200 – 280 Watts = Rs. 700-1200
  • 280- 400 Watts = Rs. 1200 – 2500


Our over all research suggest Philips Blenders are Best for Daily home use. 

But if you are looking for Heavy duty models INALSA Roboto Inox 1000 can be a good option to consider.

There are significant differences in both, though we tend to use them interchangeably.

Beater are mostly used for mixing the liquids ingredients, where as Blenders are mostly used like mixers which has blades for cutting, chopping & mixing.

Electric Beater Mostly used for

  • Whipping Cream
  • Beating Eggs
  • Mixing Cake or Cookie batter
  • Icing preparation.

Electic Blenders Mostly used for

  • Making juices, smoothies, shakes.
  • Making sauces & purees.
  • Crusing ice etc.

So from above you might have realized Beaters mostly used for Whipping & preparation of Baking items and Blenders are mostly for Mixing multiple ingredients and general task.

Beating Eggs don’t require much Motor Power, so if you are only interested in beating eggs or mixing liquid items than you can go with models with less then 200 Watts as they are cheaper. But don’t expect heavy duty jobs from them. Kent Beater can be one of the good Options. 

Expert Tips


In the article above we have tried to cover most your queries and concerns that may help you to take final decision. 

But if you are still not able to make up your mind  as to which is Best Electric Beater in the market. We would suggest go with Philips Electric Beater it will take care of most of your requirements you are expecting from your purchase. 

Enjoy your purchase making delicious cakes & cookies 🙂 ..!